When cloning in dimensions, how does the path adapt dynamically?


I’ve been encountering a problem with the setup of a project in Storyblok.
We have one Master branche with 2 locales, being Great Britain and Ireland.
We push everything from Master to GB and IE via the dimensions app, which is great obviously and saves a lot of time.

Now, when I have a, for example, multi options field, I can edit this field and set the ‘Path to folder of stories’. In case you have a multi-language folder structure you can add the {0} placeholder and the path will be adapted dynamically. Examples: {0}/categories/, {0}/{1}/categories/. Great, and it works.

However, when I clone something from Master to our GB or IE map, it still takes the multi-options from our Master map rather than from the GB or IE map that it’s in currently. This is a lot of extra work. How can I resolve this problem?

You can see by the screenshots that, when I cloned something from Master to GB, it still takes over the ‘connected image’ from the Master dimension rather than the GB.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Rowin,

when cloning a story with the dimensions app the complete story gets copied and old values will remain in the fields. In your case you can still see a previously selected story that has been in the option field of the original story. The actual solution is to deselect the item(s) and to select the items you wish and to click save.

There is already a feature request open to this topic on Github. If you desire to add information to the ticket on Github then you can do that in the comment section below it: