What is rate limit's page size?

Hello! The following link shows rate limit estimations from v1. I’m having trouble finding any info on Storyblok’s ‘page size’ and was hoping someone could provide some clarity on what it is. Thank you!

Hello @savanah,

the page size can be set with the per_page parameter and you can also set which page number with the page parameter. This information can be found in this section Storyblok API Documentation of the documentation.

Please be aware that there are 2 versions of the delivery API as the link that you posted is from version 1.
V2 is officially used by the JS client (GitHub - storyblok/storyblok-js-client: Universal JavaScript SDK for Storyblok's API) which is using all the improvements that the V2 delivery API offers like sending the resolved relations ( resolve_relations - Storyblok API Documentation) in the rels array of the API’s response for preventing a bloated response object when one relation is referenced more than once in requested objects.

Best regards