What happens after the 14 days trial?

After the 14 days trial you account will continue to run on the the free plan. Basic and Advanced Apps that are installed will be uninstalled and if you’ve added collaborators during the testing you will see a popup at the bottom that indicates that you’re above your limit. If you’ve already subscribed to a different plan during the first two weeks, your selected plan will continue after the 14 days.


My 14 day trial expired so I want to upgrade it to a subscription but I only see the subscribe option on spaces that are still in the free trial period.

Is there a way to upgrade an expired free trial to a paid subscription?


Hello Gavin,

after the 14 days you continue with the free plan but you can upgrade at any time.
On your dashboard is an option that is being highlighted in the following image:

After clicking on the “Change” button you will be lead to this screen where you can enter the plan, seat count if you need more than the minimum of seats that are necessary for the actual plan you want to subscribe to and the billing + payment information:

You can take a look at the comparison take for getting an overview over the feature sets of the plans: https://www.storyblok.com/pricing

Hi Hannes,

Thanks for responding to my question. Unfortunately that panel doesn’t appear on the space if the trial has expired. It is there for spaces where the trial period is still active, as is the subscribe
button on the left nav.

This is what I see for my space:



Hello Gavin,

there are at the moment three predefined roles in a space: Owner, Admin and Editor.
The owner has all rights and can manage the subscriptions. He can set this right for other users too.

In the following image you can see an additional menu that opens after clicking on the gearwheel to the left of the role selection on the height of the collaborator-email. If the “Allow managing subscription” has been activated and the settings are saved that particular user can like the owner manage the subscription of the space. You should be able to see the option like in the answer before after getting the right from the space owner.

In the screenshot above you can also see a tab “Subscription” coming up in the Space “Settings”, where – if you have the correct permissions – you can upgrade your space.

Hi Hannes,

I hadn’t realised that the space was owned by someone else, I have others but someone else set that one up.

Thank you so much for your help!


Hello Gavin,

I’ve seen that you added yourself to the space as a collaborator with the admin role (this limits your rights). If you take a look then you can see your email twice in the users tab in the space settings. You can remove yourself from the collaborators list because you’re already owner of it and after that you will have full access to all functions available in the actual plan.

Please note that the space owner is also counted as an user.

with best regards