What happens after rate API Limit reached?

We would like to know what happens if we reach the API rate limit? Do we get a 429 error?
We appreciate your help!

Hello Karen,

when hitting the rate limit of the GraphQL API you will get an 429 error and this is the case for the delivery API as well. Here is an overview over the error codes that are given back from the delivery API: https://www.storyblok.com/docs/api/content-delivery#topics/errors

In the case that you’re hitting the limit while requesting data with the delivery API you could use our JS client or one of our other clients. They have a build in throttle mechanism and a cache. They will retry to fetch the data after a short wait period: https://github.com/storyblok/storyblok-js-client

You can find the other clients here: https://github.com/storyblok