Webhook to deploy on publish doesn't show updated content.

I use a webhook to trigger a deploy on netlify which works well but it does not show the changes. Is there a guide on how to make the latest changes reflect on the website. The hook deploys master@HEAD instead of deploying the latest commit. I’ve asked this on the netlify forum too because I don’t know where to tackle this from.webhook-deploy

Hello Mupati,

have you checked the documentation of Netlify already and checked if your configuration is correct? --> https://docs.netlify.com/configure-builds/get-started/#basic-build-settings

Also important to consider:
Depending on your setup you will need to take a look if your configuration for fetching the content is correct. In the case that you’re using the public access token you need to take care about the cv (content version) parameter.
A usual request looks like this: