Visual editor with multipage workflow


I’m building a service where I would like to use Storyblok to manage text content and translations. The service consists of 4-5 pages, which form a booking workflow (~state machine) so user can move to next page when he/she has done necessary steps on the previous one. If user tries to access any page without having completed the previous pages first, he/she will be redirect to the first page.

I have integrated the visual editor and it works nicely with the components on the first page. I have created all the pages in Storyblok with matching paths. However when I click a link in service to move the next page (URL is changed using history.pushState), the editor does not change the selected entry.

Is this something I can implement using Storyblok’s visual editor?

Hello Mikko,

you can use storyblok.enterEditmode() to show the editable elements and once the user clicks on an element they will be redirected to the content item in the editor.

With best regards
Hannes Michaelis - Storyblok Support