Vimeo plugin does not import description of video

When using the vimeo plugin and fetching the video data from the storyblok content API via storyblok js client the description of the video is not fetched correctly.
The current datatype returned by the API looks like this:

type Vimeo = {
  _uid: string;
  plugin: string;
  vimeo_raw: string;
  vimeo_oembed: {
    url: string;
    response: {
      uri: string;
      html: string;
      type: string;
      title: string;
      width: number;
      height: number;
      is_plus: string;
      version: string;
      duration: number;
      video_id: number;
      author_url: string;
      author_name: string;
      description: string;
      upload_date: string;
      account_type: string;
      provider_url: string;
      provider_name: string;
      thumbnail_url: string;
      thumbnail_width: number;
      thumbnail_height: number;
      thumbnail_url_with_play_button: string;

Although description is an attribute in the data structure, the content API always returns an empty string instead of the actual description of the video.

Hello @evelynens,

thanks for making us aware of that. I will forward your message to my colleagues and ask them to take a look at that.

Best regards