Versions Issue / Translation Issue


we ware experiencing a strange issue regarding versions and the related authors. Two users reported that they were not even logged in into the system but they are present in the version log for that moment.
Furthermore the log shows a content editing that was definitely not done by the logged out user. It was done by another one. I am not quite sure if it’s related but we also experienced an issue with translation and multi-options fields which has set “stories” as their source. The multi-option field is translatable but we did not configure any translations and we received a totally different “uuid” for our default language and another language (en). After we published the translated page again the “uuid” became correct.

Anyone else experiencing this kind of issued and is able to help us out?



Hello @Jan,

could you come to us into the support chat for further investigation, please?

I need a link to an example where this happens and will check the configuration of the setup.

You can access the support chat using the widget on our page:

Best regards