Updating workflow stages in bulk in UI

We think it would be great to be able to update Workflow stages in bulk from the content page.
It would work by selecting the content you need to change with the ticks, and settings could remain an option but without the name and slug options.

Using releases and workflows together is a little tricky. We want everyone to go through the workflow process, but sometimes when we make a lot of trivial changes we would do so in a release. We would want to review a handful of pages before sending all to Ready to publish. However, we would be stuck going through all the pages changing the stages.

We’re either going to dump workflows or releases together because we can’t quite do what we need to.

Hello @Coreythompson,

thanks for the feature request. I added it here to our feedback page: Add possibilty for updating workflow stages in bulk in UI - Feature Requests - Storyblok

Best regards