Updating an existing asset doesn't update metadata

Using the management api, when I use an existing asset id to get a presigned url and then upload the asset, the existing metadata doesn’t change to the new metadata. The api does recognize the call as an update as it doesn’t create a new asset object but the data isn’t changed.

Hello @WaltT ,

from observing the console when I’m updating one of my assets I can see that I can update it with the following request:
curl “https://mapi.storyblok.com/v1/spaces/space_id/assets/asset_id” -X PUT -H “Authorization: OAuth_token” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d “{modified asset object}”

The UI takes the asset object (Storyblok API Documentation) and updates the data with the changes that you made when you click on the Save button.

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