Unable to save, single-option is under the minimum value of 1

I am currently unable to save changes as I’m getting an error that the single-value options are all under the minimum value of 1.

We’re using single-option as a sort of toggle for if an image is to be displayed on the left or right of a page, as shown:

This field even has a default value so should always be filled, I can see each item has an option selected so this shouldn’t be an issue. I don’t remember this problem happening in v1 so perhaps something broke during the change?

I’ll also add that this field is not even a required one so not sure why it would prevent saving regardless.

Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks and best regards,


Hello @cameronthrntn,

can you give me the link to an example story where this happens so we can investigate this further, please?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards