Translation of component level elements


I’m trying to activate translation of fields on component level but can’t understand how to do it. For normal fields, for example a text field, the “translate” switch is in the “edit field” section but I can’t figure out how to accomplish this for block fields with components. the reason for constructing the page with components is to make the elements clickable / v-editable but not being able to translate them seems strange.

Is there a way to translate elements on component? I really would like to keep them editable!

// Henrik

I have solved this, after a bit of digging it was obvious where the translation tick box were in the component. Sometimes you just have “tomatoes in front of your eyes” :wink:

Hello @p.henrik.hansson,

nice that you found the option already :wink:

You can also check our documentation on the field level translation here Internationalization - Storyblok for more information about translatable slugs and the import/export feature.

Best regards