Too large request entity

I am currently experimenting around with the Management API to create a Storyblok App and while posting Stories I received the following error:

{message: "request entity too large", name: "PayloadTooLargeError",…}

Is there a way to get around this error or increase the payload size to avoid this error?
What I could think of is a story update where I update each component in a story individually to work around this, but it’s rather cumbersome.

Thanks in Advance!

Hello Markus,

the maximum processable JSON size by the management API is 5MB. Unfortunately it is necessary to pass the complete content when you want to update fields of the content property.

With best regards

So it would be possible to POST a story and afterwards update component for component inside the story?

You need to pass the complete “content” to the API when you want to update its fields:

Okay then, I misunderstood you. Thank you!
But to come back to the original problem, I get the error with “Request Entity Too Large” with a JSON Size of 539KB and not more than 5 MB for a POST /stories request.

No problem.
That sounds odd. Is this the raw and uncompressed size?

Could you come into our support chat, please? We can discuss the issue there in more detail.
You can access our support chat via the widget on our webpage