Storyblok Nuxt Auth Dev vs Production

I hope I haven’t overlooked anything or anything else but this problem has been bothering me for several hours now.

I tried to develop an app for Storyblok a few days ago and followed @Samuel 's blog entry .

Everything is fine and works great.
Unfortunately after I deploy or run (on and locally)
yarn build && yarn export && nuxt serve
The authentication does not work anymore and I am redirected to a “Page not found”. In other words the route /auth/callback or /auth/connect/storyblok is not found and not working properly anymore.

I tried to add a dynamic route according to NuxtJS documentation but without success.

Did I overread something ?

Hmm hard to tell from the information you shared. Where did you deployed your application? Could you maybe join our Discord Server and we could discuss it there in live chat.

What further information would you need? Just joined the discord :wink: Thanks.