Storyblok CLI - Migrations

Some time ago we ran a component migration.
Today we found out that the components were migrated correctly, but only for the default language. If I now try a --dry-run the CLI only grabs the “Default” Blok and not the e.g. English Blok (which is still in the old form) to perform the migration there as well.

Even if I choose a language.
storyblok run-migration --space <space_id> --component key-fact --field text --publish-languages=en --dryrun

The migration itself is just migrating a text field to a Richtext-Field:

module.exports = function (block) {
 //block has never a text of type string even there is one according to Storyblok (Published JSON)
  if (typeof block.text === 'string') {
    const text = block.text
    block.text = createRichtext(text)

When I --dry-run with ALL_LANGUAGES only the default one is grabbed to run on too.

Hello @Markus,

the way how you access the localized fields is the same as you would do it directly with the content in the JSON from the management API. Here is an example:

module.exports = function (block) {
  // Example to change a string to boolean
  // block.Test2 = !!(block.Test2)
  // Example to transfer content from other field
  // block.Test2 = block.other_field

Best regards