Storyblok bridge & AWS distribution

We are having am issue publishing to AWS. The storyblok bridge is working as expected in Dev & we can change content as an admin & it updates the content on our local server.

When we are using the production environment, we can see the changes in the bridge, but. when we go to save and publishes. The changes are lost.

I have had a developer. looking. at this for days & we can’t get a solution with a frustrated client now.

We think that the issue is that the bridge between storyblok editor and dist (generated by nuxt) is not working with AWS. We think the issue comes from nuxt configuration, but not sure how can I find the solution.

The URL if it helps is:

Any help is appreciated.

After hitting save or publish a process on your side would need to be triggered to rebuild the Nuxt.js application. Since you’re using S3 my guess is your developer uses Nuxt Generate to statically generate the pages and than uploads it to S3. This process can be triggered by our Webhook by combining it with your developers pipeline to regenerate the pages and uploading the new (updated) site to S3 again.

The Storyblok Preview does not have access to the dist folder whatsoever - a full documentation can be found here:


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