See other users working on the same page right now

Similar to Google docs where you can see other users looking at the same document, it would be great if you could display the names/avatars of other users working on the same page in Storyblok at this point in time. This would help avoid making conflicting changes. (This is based on actual experience! :crazy_face:)

Adding a chat feature would be a bonus, we can make do with Slack or Teams.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello Jakob,

I think that this app will help you with this known situation:

It is also possible to see the actual users who are inside of a story:

It appears that these features use websockets which are currently blocked for security reasons. We will have to find out whether websockets can be authorised.

It also appears that other features (like the preview) make use of websockets, but do work for us, probably because of some fallback solution. Would that be a correct assumption?

Hello Hannes, thanks for your reply. That looks good. And we do have the “Advanced Plan”.

However, we may not really do it right, because we installed the App, as you can see in the screenshot below:

(I am not allowed to “embed media items” it seems. :frowning: )

But we don’t get the “Locked” item in the top right corner. However, when testing concurrently, we got this:

(I am not allowed to “embed media items” it seems. :frowning: )

Thanks for your continued support!

Could you send the images to my mail and also console messages you’re getting ,please?

Thank you for the mail and the details to the error messages. I requested more information from my colleagues and will answer you as soon as I have an answer from them.

I’ve got a response: The IP range of the servers we’re using is shown here: Those IPs are also being used for the websocket.

With best regards

Thanks Hannes. We understand now that the issue is not with Storyblok, but with the fact that websockets connections are not enabled in our environment. Sorry for that.

No problem, Jakob. You’re welcome! :wink: