Restricting users on what they can edit on a page

Hi, our company is new to Storyblok and I will be the user admin when we get it up and running with our new website. What I’d like to do is limit what a user can change on a page. For example, on our home page we have a banner carousel and I’d like to permit users to only be able to make changes to that; nothing else on the page. Also, I don’t want them to be able to add or remove any components.

I have tried limiting access to components. While this somewhat works, the user can still see the components in the editor and have the ability to remove that component. Any advice on what can be done to achieve this? Thanks in advance.


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Hello @Steve,

at the moment you could only add all components to the black list (Component/content-type permissions) so that the editor can’t create those components or you restrict the components that can be added in the field’s configuration:

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to prevent the editor from deleting the already existing components but there is already a feature request open to this: add an option to the custom user role setup to restrict deleting, adding and moving of components in block fields · Issue #362 · storyblok/storyblok · GitHub

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Hi @Hannes,

Are there any updates for this feature request?

In our organisation this is quite critical feature - we would like to set up translator roles and give them permissions to only edit text content on component fields on selected locales. But as long we can’t prevent them to add / delete components, we don’t want to enable access for external content editors.

This seems to be quite a big feature missing, that prevents us from fully relying on built in localisation functionality.

If this feature is not in pipeline yet, are there any workarounds you can recommend?

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Hello @stJanis,

I discussed the feature request with my colleagues and they consider it. At the moment I can’t give you an ETA as the V2 UI needs to be finished and published first so I think that my colleagues will come to the planning it only after the 2nd of August 2022. (Storyblok V2 - Storyblok)

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