Resolve relations do not work in the example

Hi. I’m looking into this article to understand how to work with resolve relations - How to include content of referenced stories using resolve relations | Storyblok.
At some point in the article (How to include content of referenced stories using resolve relations | Storyblok), I can see a section where we add resolve_relations and a link to see the final response. I open the link and see that UUID is still in JSON. So seems like resolve_relations do not work properly.

I’ve started to look into this article, as I have the same issue in my space. I did everything according to this article Creating global components and referencing them in Storyblok | Storyblok and also have UUID not changed to references story.

Can you please check and tell me what is the problem with API? Maybe articles are outdated (as you have released v2 version some time ago)?

Ok, partially it’s my bad. I see everything is working. While in the API response in the Network tab I can still see UUIDs not changed with the data, in the code - everything is fine.
I said partially, as in the article nothing is said about it and we have a link to an example API response (where, as I say, we can still see UUIDs)

Let’s add that to the end of our request and see how the response will change. However, the URL can be found (link) …
We can now see that we now have the whole object of the referenced content available. That allows us to directly access the fields of that referenced content entry, without having to do another request.

Provided link still has UUIDs in place, which is misleading.

Anyway, I can see it’s working, so I can progress further. I think would be good to correct the article. Thanks