Resolve_links url vs links real_path dont match

Is this meant to be the correct functionality? Documentation states in the resolve_links the URL should be computed property which returns the real path.

Ive encountered the following:

Categories folder > test folder(set real path) > test category(set real path)

So now when viewing the category live preview i get the concatenation of those paths, seems correct
real_path preview slug

I fetch all links to build out static generation and the link object shows the real_path as correct
real_path links object

Lets say i build a dynamic menu as your tutorial and have a nav_link that use a link field type and link to that test-cat. I then resolve_links when fetching the menu data, however, the URL provided is just the real path of the test-cat and not the addition of both folder and story as above

nav_link object

This means i have to set real path on the end story only and make everything else before in the tree structure blank. Real Paths sets itself by default.