Reorder Multi-Option items in v2

One feature I would love is the ability to reorder selected stories in a Multi-Option field.

Use case:
Featured project thumbnails on a home page.
Use a Multi-Option field type to select any document with the “Project” content type.
Add the projects
Re-order the most important projects to the top of the list.

Reordering seems to be possible with v1. Although it’s a bit clunky/hidden – you have to click the “Show only selected (x)” button before the draggable handles are available. I currently have to add a description to the field to help my clients find the option.

The ability to re-order seems to have been removed with v2 (unless I’m missing something?).

I love most of the changes in the v2, but I think the Multi-Option field needs a bit of work. It’s such a great feature. It would be great if it was a little easier to use.

Hello @standandmarvel,

thanks for the feature request! I informed my colleagues that this is still missing in the V2 implementation. I think that is because not all features have been implemented yet in the V2 beta UI.

Best regards