Relationship Limit in Storyblok Bridge

I’m running into issues with the live Preview within Storyblok crashing on pages with a large number of elements.

After doing some debugging, it looks like the payload from the Storyblok bridge will contain just the UUID on some relationship fields, while containing the full object on others.

Based on the symptoms, my current theory is that this due to the 100 relation limit mentioned here: Technical limits - Storyblok

Has anyone else encountered this issue? Any work-arounds?

Hello @nplowman,

could you check if the editor runs stably without the app inside of the preview, please?

Our suggestion is to take a look at lazy loading in case that you want to load more than 100 relations in a story. For this, you need to use the by_uuids parameter instead of using the resolve_relations parameter.

Best regards

The editor itself is stable, it’s just the app inside of the preview window that is crashing.

I’m thinking we may have to go the direction you suggested. It’s going to require a bit of refactoring, but such is life.