Preview URL ISSUE - Not being able to preview live website

Hi guys, how are you? I’m having a problem with the preview URLs in Storyblok.

I created and deployed my site using Gatsby, and I always used http://localhost:8000/ to preview my site in Storyblok and everything worked fine. Now I finished my site, and it’s ready for the editor team to use it BUT I can’t make the website URL to be previewed in Storyblok.

I followed all the steps in: How to deploy to Gatsby Cloud Hosting - Storyblok, but the editors team doesn’t have the code or knowledge to run the local server on their computers so I need them to be able to preview or work with the live site. Of course, I might be missing something (hopefully simple), but couldn’t find it in the documentation or questions so far.

Here is the screenshot when I try to put the live URL, or the gatsby URL (happens the same with both, it can’t connect).

Thanks for your time!

Hello @NicoElvino,

can you take a look at what you’re getting in the browser console? You should see the reason for that in possible error messages.

Best regards