Partner Portal / Team Members

I am currently experiencing an issue where I am not able to add my private account to my official companies Partner Account.
This is maybe due to being a partner as well on my private account.

Is there any way to resolve this, because it is kinda annoying adding myself in each space as a collaborator.

(Partner Company Account @regiolix)
(Private Partner Account

Maybe, if this is not resolvable, we can move all partner spaces from my private account to the company one without loosing the revenue share?

Hello @Markus,

I’ve taken a look at the account with regiolix in the domain and you’re right, it is already assigned to another partner portal as the account
Each account can only be part of one partner portal at a time.

We can transfer the spaces from one partner portal to another one but I would like to ask you kindly to make the request for that through the support chat. You can find the widget on our page in the bottom right corner:

Best regards