Multi-Options field type: re-order selected values when source is JSON

The User Job Story

  • As a content manager
  • When I have selected multiple options in a field of the type ‘Multi-options’, where the source of the options is a JSON-URL
  • I want to be able to re-order my selected values (similar to when the source of a ‘Multi-options’ field type is set to ‘Stories’)
  • So that I can not only select which values I want to use, but also inform the front-end about the order in which I want to present them.

Or, in Gherkin

  • GIVEN the field type is ‘Multi-Options’ AND the source is ‘JSON’
  • WHEN there are multiple options selected
  • THEN there’s an option to re-order the selected values, similar to when the source is ‘Stories’



Hello Kamil,

I’ve added your feature request to our list on Github:

Thanks a lot @Hannes!

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You’re most welcome!