Multi-Option Field Setting to Automatically Reference All Published Stories Within a Folder

I spoke with @Samuel today about adding the ability for any multi-option field that is referencing stories to simply automatically reference all the published stories within a folder without having to manually check them off one by one.

I realize that grabbing all of the published stories within a folder can be done in code via your APIs, but since we are already specifying in a multi-option field a folder of stories, it makes sense to have an option to turn off the manual selecting of these stories and just let them reference all published items within that folder.

This would mean that using options like resoleRelations in gatsby-source-storyblok would always get populated with the latest published data without a need for extra code.

Would love to see this implemented!
Thanks for your consideration and keep up the great work!

Hello Tassos,

nice to see you here in our forum!
I have written your request into our list on Github. I hope that the text reflects what you want to see in our CMS. If you have something to you’re free to write a comment or to ask here and I will correct the feature request: