Links CDN for sitemap

Hello, I am using Storyblok CDN to generate a sitemap of products and categories. I want to add a published date in response to CDN. Is there any way to get it?

CDN: Storyblok GraphQL Playground

Hello @mehul75,

when you use the GraphQL API you need to select the field published_at as well:

  BlogentryItems {
    items {

When you’re using the delivery API you will need to use the links API for getting the structure as mentioned here How to generate a Sitemap with a headless CMS? | Storyblok and get the published_at date from the story objects. You can get the story objects by providing their UUIDs with the parameter by_uuids.

In case you need more help feel free to get in touch with our developer community: Storyblok

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