Limits on storyblok "Number of Assets"

The limits on storyblok’s “stories” are generous, but for the “number of assets”, it is at 2500, which some users might reach rather quickly.

  1. What would happen if this limit were to be reached?
  2. Is there a way to host/manage the assets elsewhere?
  3. Is there a plan to expand this limit other than the $99 a month plan?

Hello @DEV-ONI,

To 1. At the moment this limit is technically not enforced but this will happen later this year. After this is enforced it will be necessary to upgrade to a higher plan to be able to upload more assets than is possible with the actual plan of a space.

To 2. We offer an integration for Cloudinary that you can find in the apps store (Cloudinary Asset Manager | Storyblok) and comes with the teams plan but you can also create a custom field type plugin (Integration Field-Type | Storyblok) which allows the integration of other DAM systems into Storyblok.

To 3. I’ve taken a look but I’m not aware of plans for increasing that limit.

Best regards