Limit selection to *only* be from the default assets folder in an Asset Manager

When I create an Assets Manager type, currently I can set a default asset folder, but that still allows for the content creator to select from another folder, when they open the Asset Manager. I would like to limit it so the content creator can only use assets from that folder I set as the default.

Our usage:
I have configured the custom user “Content Creator”'s rights, so that they can’t change the content of an assets folder called “Icons”. This allows us to fx precreate a library of optimised SVG icons for the Content Creator to safely select from inside an Asset Manager with the “Icons” folder set as the default. The current system, however, allows them to circumvent the constraints and basically choose any image as an icon.

I understand the need for a flexible default, but could you maybe add a “limit to default only” checkbox afterwards or something?