Language limitation of i characters

Tried setting up storyblok languages but came across a hurdle that I dont knoe how to solve.

We have various custom locales for cities, e.g. de-munich differs from de-berlin (mostly mino changes). Tried to use the current approach we take by creating different languages for each of those.

Storyblok seems to have a limitation regarding the code, and that is 8 characters. Is there any reason for 8?

If languages are not the way to go with these city specific locales, could anyone point me in the right direction?

I will find out why there is limitation to 8 characters and let you know. :wink:

You could try to create a different folders for those cities? Not sure what is the whole use case.

Just FYI: I now went with a combined approach of folders (with Dimensions app) and languages.

e.g. I have a “default” folder housing all default sites, and I have a “muenchen” folder housing the city-dimension overrides. Also I have languages set (de and fr) - this allows me to create a “default page” with city specific overrides, if neccessary - or even translated versions of each.

That sounds as a good solution to me.