Keeping unscheduled changes from a Release


I’m using the “Releases” app and I’d have a question regarding it.

I’d like to know whether there is any possibility to keep changes that have been made in a Release but haven’t been scheduled?
Example: I create Release “xxx” and inside the release I create three stories. Two of them shall be released and thus have been “Scheduled”. But the third one shouldn’t be released. When releasing “xxx” I’d like to keep the third story, although unpublished, because I might decide at a later point in time to publish it.

I didn’t find a way to copy the changes to current.

Thank you!


Hello @alekam,

that isn’t possible yet but I added this already as a feature request to our list. In case that you’re interested to see that as a feature please upvote it here: Add possiblity to deploy the changes of stories in release that have not been explicitly scheduled - Feature Requests - Storyblok

Feel free to add your thoughts to this in a comment. :wink:

Best regards