Is there any way to get edit preview mode for pages built in webpack?

Hey, I am using some kind of default configuration of Gatsby, Storyblok and Netlify [Drop].

For some reason, it only seems to work for pages with dedicated .js files (such as the index page). And it doesn’t work for pages created with the webpack (createPage in gatsby-node.js).

Accoring to this link:

" Why is the live preview not working?

Check if you are not redirecting to another URL by clicking “Open draft” in the top right submenu. The URL should contain the query parameter _storyblok "

And its exactly how it works, these pages don’t have that storyblok parameter.

I just don’t know why this is happening and how to deal with it?

Hello @razena,

unfortunately, the information isn’t enough for making a diagnosis of the problem but you can also get in touch with the developer community on Discord: Storyblok

Best regards