Is there a schema type where I can use a single component?

Hi I am currently setting up my structure in Storyblok and I wanted to make a component something like this:

- Date and Time
- **CustomComponent_HeaderInformation**
- Some Richtext

Is there a way I can just use a single component in my schema or do I have to use Blocks with Allowed Maximum = 1?

Hello @mrkrisworld,

will your component contain unique information that you don’t want to reuse in other stories?

Page_SingleEvent component is unique, but CustomComponent_HeaderInformation is reused in multiple other components :slight_smile:

There are some options from which you can select the most appropriate depending on your use-case:

  1. In the case that you want to reuse stories/components including their content:
    A. You can use a story as a container for your content and link it using an option field. These stories also refer to global components and they can be used for many different use-cases. The advantage is that you don’t need to update the content in all places where it is being referenced. A disadvantage is that you can maximal resolve 100 relations in one request (
    Here are two articles which explain how you can use this approach for certain situations:
    B. You can also use presets with components for reusing content but with the disadvantage that you need to update the content manually in all places where you used the preset for creating a copy of it. Here is how a preset for an embeddable component is being created:

  2. In the case that you don’t want to reuse any content:
    You can also use the component approach that you’re using right now and combine this with the option B from before so that the stories are already configured with the component in the blocks field but without any content + limit the count of component + limit the usable type to just the one you want to have in there:

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