Is "storyblok" used for a product application (texts and images) where customers constantly upload products from their stores?

We are about to develop the typical application of products and addresses, in which we will have images and texts.
We wonder if Storyblok is a good choice to save these data, since they will be constantly changing, also, in the price description we see that you give “Unlimited Assets” for a fair price (how is this?).

Hello Sergio,

yes you can use our CMS to feed products and other information into a shopping system. The workflow of preparing content and publishing it is pretty easy. You can setup your shopping system in a way that you can see how the content looks like in the visual preview:

It is possible to use the rich-text field that allows to create a more dynamic content layouts.

To the fair-use traffic of 1TB per month that comes with the plans:
It includes the traffic for outgoing content delivered by the delivery API and the assets. Everything after that will be billed by 190 USD per exceeding TB.
You can optimize the loading speed and lower the traffic by using our image service and change the size of the product images on the fly

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