[In Discussion] Before Deletion/Depublish warn Users if Content is linked

Currently, there is no warning if a User depublishes or deletes a Story that is referenced (through Single- or MultiSelect Fields) by another Component.

It would be great if the User would receive an overview of the existing referencing components. He could then make the decision to ignore those references (and therefore create broken links through his action) or he could visit the referencing components and remove the Content before continuing with the depublish or delete action.

This is a Screenshot from another CMS:

Important: The warning for the user is sufficient. We don’t request automatic resolving of the reference problem.



@cankert thx for the the idea and description. I created feature request for it in github issues - you can track the progress on the task here - https://github.com/storyblok/storyblok/issues/173