Importing 2+ million pages - best method?

We are rebuilding an old but popular religious and philosophy website with more than 12 million religious books. The books are currently in HTML are stored in a MySQL DB (PlanetScale). We want to know what is the best way to import into Storyblok?

Hello @forestcall,

for your use case, you will need to make a custom script that gets the data from your database and writes the data in a (work-)space (Space - Storyblok) using the management API (Storyblok API Documentation).

To make the complete process easier you can prepare the different folders and make stories (Story - Storyblok) with the needed content types. You can then use the example stories as templates that you use for the payload to create the stories with the actual content that you’re importing.

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Thank you!!!

Do you know if Storyblok on the CMS side can handle several million pages of content?
I am trying to find out if Storyblok has any experience with this much content, and if so how do we sort through so much content.

You’re welcome @forestcall. We have some very large projects running on our CMS on which I can’t give more information but you can have a look at the case studies here Case Studies - Storyblok as there are also some enterprise-sized projects listed.

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