How to invalidate social images in Storyblok?


I guess everyone has had this kind of problem: You’re given an image to use for twitter, facebook, linkedin et al which you add to the section (og:image or twitter:image and test, only to be told shortly afterwards to put another one up because the previous one wasn’t the right now. But the social networks have cached the previous version, and the testers are saying that it’s still there and why haven’t you changed it yet?!

Of course, you could change the file name or add a cachebuster to the end of the image URL manually, or invalidate the images manually via the developer tools of FB, Twitter and LinkedIn, but is there a way where Storyblok could do this automatically? If not, would this be something that could be interesting to add?

Thanks for considering this question! :slight_smile:

Hello Jakob,

using a cachebuster or the developer tools of those social media platforms is the right way to go as their cache is something that we can’t influence from our side.

With best regards