How to get only the uuid’s of all stories (in a folder)

I am working on an overview page of all stories in a folder. I want to load a story preview card only if it enters the viewport. For that, i would use the new fetch () in nuxt. When I normally call all stories with something like the lines below, I would load a bunch of stories that are below the viewport und extend loading time.

return$storyapi.get(`cdn/stories`, {
  starts_with: 'explore/',
  per_page: 100,
  page: 1,
}).then((res) => { … }

Therefore, I would like to only load all the uuid of all stories in a folder to pass them on to the components. I know of the link API, witch – as far as I see – does not provide a page or per_page property, so that I cannot you it.

Am I not seeing something? Or is there another way to do this?

Thanks, Mato.

Hello @matovincetic,

you can use the links API also paginated:

Here is an example:

Best regards

Of course i missed that detail. Thanks Hannes! Works like a charme.

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