How to Deploy from One Pipeline Stage to Another?

I found instructions here, but am not sure if I understand.

“If you want to deploy the content to the next stage, enter the tab of that stage to the location where you want to deploy it. Next, hit the Deploy from source button and the system starts deploying the content”

For example, if I have three Pipleline stages: Preview, Staging and Production

If I enter the Production tab and click “Deploy from Source”, does everything that is currently on the Staging pipeline stage get deployed to Production?
If not, then what are the steps to deploy from the Staging pipeline stage to the Production pipeline stage?

Hello Ed,

you can specify in the space settings from which source your production stage should take the content:

After setting that up in the space settings you can, when you don’t select any release, deploy directly from the pipeline stage you’ve chosen as the source for deployment:

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