How to add previews when adding a new block?

Playing with the demo data.

When I add a new call to action block there are sub options ?
How do I create this with my own blocks?

Hello Jan,

those entries are presets. You can create your own presets following my short guide.

  1. You create a new entry in the example of the type “Call To Action” how I have done it the following image and click into it:

  2. You can now add content to it like I did and save the changes:

  3. Now you can hover over the small triangle on the right of the “Define schema” button and press the “Define presets” button. That will lead to to the following screen:

  4. In this new screen you can add the changed component as a new preset by adding a name for it to the name field and press “Add preset”. There is also an option for adding a screenshot for it:

  5. Congratulations! You’ve created your first preset and it is ready for use in any blocks field of your choice. It will now appear directly in the list for the component’s presets:

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