How do I specify the folder where my story goes in?


I am checking the management api, specifically how to create a story. It’s very interesting but, I don’t find how to specify the folder where the newly create story goes in. Is there a way to avoid to fetch the links and get the folder id?

Also, what is a typical value of story[default_root] in case of having to create a folder with the api?


Hello @donato,

did you check if with_slug (Storyblok API Documentation) helps you with this use case? I think that you could use that to get the folder object by its slug and then you can use its id as the parent id for your new story.

Here is an example from one of my folders: "default_root":"author" (contains the name of the content type)
The default root is the content type that will be created by default when you don’t select anything else in the dialog:

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