How can i share plugin with somebody

I don’t fully understand the way of sharing plugins.

Let me make an example:
I’ve created plugin, which i don’t want to publish completely public, because it’s specific to some company things, but also, i want share it with other people, but not directly inside organization in storyblok, what is the best way for doing it ?

Right now, i told people to just clone/fork my repo, and create their own plugin out of this, but this seems not right,

Is there better way to doing it ?

Hello Marcin,

at the moment your way is the only one that allows to share a plugin between users.
In the case that you’re the owner of a space you can make a plugin available through publishing it in the plugin settings under!/me/plugins/.

When the plugin has been saved only it is only accessible by you.

I’ve added a feature request for this issue. I hope that I covered your use-case but if not feel free to add information to the comment section below the ticket:
or write here more details about your use-case and I will correct my text on Github.

With best regards

Thank you for the reply! I will watch the issue then :slight_smile:

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