How can I create multiple Content Stages / Branches?

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. On the first Tab scroll down to Branches and enter a new Branch name, eg. “Live”
  3. Press Add.

By clicking on the Settings button next to the added Branch, you will be able to see the additional settings as shown in the screen to the left.

  • Name: The name of the Stage/Branch
  • Preview Url: The domain that will be used in the live-preview
  • Source of sync: Which other Branch should be the one you want to deploy content from to this one?
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I cannot find the Branches section in my Storyblok space settings. Is this feature available in the trial period?

Hello Diljit,

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You need to install the app for the branch feature first:
If you want to try releases also you can install

This article gives you an explanation for what the branches and releases can be used:

Under the section additional links you will articles with helpful instructions for setting the branches and releases up and how to access the data hold by them:

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