How can I check users have 2FA in place?

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we’ve recently started to use Storyblok in earnest for some of our web projects, and now that we have things in production I’d like to make sure all users have 2FA in place. I’ve obviously activated it for myself, but is there a way, for the Owner, to enforce 2FA, or at least see who has or hasn’t activated it? That would allow me to follow up with these users specifically.

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Hello Jakob,

could you give me the space id, please? I will check if the possibility is available to force the 2FA for all users in the space.

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Hello Hannes, thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I can, privately, but my initial goal was to get an idea who put it in place (before forcing it on users). Best regards, Jakob.

We can do that from our side on a per space level. The user who tries to access the space without the 2FA activated in his account would gent an “unauthorized” error message.

Thanks Hannes. I have alerted users to activate 2FA (and make them aware of this security feature at this occasion). I will let you know early next week to enforce it. How can I transmit the space ID securely, or is it not an issue to put it on this forum?

You can pass the space id via the support chat if you want to. You can find the widget of it on our webpage:

The space id doesn’t allow other users to access the space as long as they aren’t owner or collaborators but we can continue the conversation in the support chat about this or other topics which make you uncomfortable to talk about on our forum or make it necessary to give us more details which you don’t want to make public.

Thanks Hannes, for activating 2FA for the space! :+1:

I have created a ticket for a potential improvement: issues/396 (cannot insert links).

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You’re welcome! We’ll take a look.

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