Hide unauthorized content for members of specific role

How can I completely hide content items from specific users/user groups/user roles?

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Hello @appdcs. Depending on the plan you are using for your space, you have the possibility to set roles for the users. If you are using “Advanced” plan, you can create custom roles:

Hello @appdcs ,

momentarily we offer only the two options available in the custom user role configuration:

Those two options will replace the names of the stories and folders with N/A. Unfortunately, at the moment this is the only way how for hiding stories and folders. We already discussed this topic extensively but momentarily there seem to be some blockers that need to be resolved before this can be implemented in a clean way. As soon as I have an update to this topic I’ll inform you.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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Thank you @Hannes for your response.

As a workaround, we’ve used the option to whitelabel Storyblok and add classes to target the unauthorized folders and content items and hide them from view.

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