GraphQl API ContentNode query with slug=id doesn't fetch language correctly

I’m using the query “ContentNode” from the GraphQl API to fetch multilanguage content from a component, so I’m using “id” and “language” as parameters. This query also accepts the component slug as id, which I would like to use because it makes dynamic queries easier from the frontend because you can pull it easily from the url. Using the Id would require environment variables etc…
The problem is, when I use the slug as id, the query always gives back the content with language=“default”. Strangely, when I use the id of the component, the language is returned correctly… is this a bug? Any way to get the translated content correctly sing the slug as Id?

with slug as id:

with id:

Hello @thor,

in the case that you’re using the slug, you need to use the following query to get the translated content:

  ContentNode(id: "es/intellesis/") {