Getting published stories all return 404, drafts work fine

I went through and published all the pages but if i change my call to get the published versions, everything returns 404 not found. If I look at the pages published json it has all the components and content in it as it should. Im using next.js

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Turns out that the issue is that i am using folder level translation in StoryBlok and have the matching locale set in Next i18n config. For some reason this creates a 404.

In storyblok I have a folder named de, and stories in it. All stories in this de 404, if i delete “de” locale from next in my config below, then everything works fine (except for my template translations since the locale doesnt exist) but at least the pages generate

module.exports = {
  i18n: {
    locales: ["en", "be", "de"],
    defaultLocale: "en",