For this use case, do I need the Pipelines App?

We are migrating to Jamstack. Our site is powered by .NET. Our migration path is to add a .NET (server side) component to each page on the site which queries the Storyblok Content Delivery API to get the content for a particular story by ID and by Release. We are using the Storyblok Releases app.

I can get the content for a story by ID and by Release using the from_release query parameter.
Using this setup, I should be able to setup the main site and several preview sites. The preview sites would each show content from a particular/different release. This setup also seems to allow me to display the preview sites in the Storyblok live editor view.

What would be the benefit of using the Storyblok Pipelines App instead of querying data using the from_release parameter? For example, instead of each preview site querying data using the from_release parameter, I could instead create Pipeline stages and configure each of the preview sites to use a different stage/branch token. And, with this setup, would there be a way to display the content from a stage/branch within the Live Editor view and have it update each time the user clicks the Save button?

The benefit of using the pipelines app is that you can create frozen content states that you can access through their own access tokens and it isn’t possible to edit them. They provide so to say a reliable environment. This can be useful for preproduction and production environments:

You can also combine the releases and the pipelines app for a better control and flexibility in your workflow:

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