Filter stories based on a relationship's value

Hello everyone, I’m trying to fetch a subset of stories that match a certain value using a related field. The story is an article and an article belongs to a category (there is a dropdown to chose a category when creating an article.) I want to fetch articles that match a specific category name. I can’t use UUIDs here because I use different spaces for dev and prod. I tried this approach.

    by_slugs: "articles/*/*",
    resolve_relations: "article.category",
    filter_query: {
        "": {
            like: "Test Category",

But this doesn’t seem to work. Not even sure if the query structure is correct. How can I go about doing this? Thanks,

Hello @tamrat,

unfortunately, you need to use the UUID of the categories you’re filtering for.

It would be possible to get all category stories and save them as long as needed and from the retrieved categories, you could use the UUIDs for filtering.

Best regards