Filter queries seem to stop working when combining multiple?

Hi, were are trying to use filter queries on a list page for a content type to allow users to filter down the items shown.

The content type has various multi-options fields in its model, each selecting from items in a different data source (e.g. pick zero or more ‘states’, ‘audiences’ etc).

We want the user to be able to filter by selecting from a set of drop downs (which load their options from these same data sources), so e.g show me items (tagged state1 OR state2) AND (‘tagged audienceA OR audienceB’)

When doing simple filters, either by states alone, or one state & one audience, this seems to work fine. When you select more than one from a type though, the filters appear to ‘break’ and the wrong results are returned.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to work and we are just using the API wrong, or a bug? Seems a pretty standard use case though.

Any help appreciated, thanks!


No filters, all items - works fine:

Filter by multiple states - works fine:[states][in_array]=nsw%2Cnt&is_startpage=false&page=1&per_page=15&sort_by=name%3Aasc&starts_with=service-providers%2F&token=vlj2rvPX6fPHPGF7vVVflAtt&version=published

Filter by multiple service types - works fine:[service_type][in_array]=disability-support&is_startpage=false&page=1&per_page=15&sort_by=name%3Aasc&starts_with=service-providers%2F&token=vlj2rvPX6fPHPGF7vVVflAtt&version=published

Filter by multipe states and 1 service type - states working, service type ignored:[service_type][in_array]=disability-support&filter_query[states][in_array]=nsw%2Cnt&is_startpage=false&page=1&per_page=15&sort_by=name%3Aasc&starts_with=service-providers%2F&token=vlj2rvPX6fPHPGF7vVVflAtt&version=published

Filter by multiple states AND multiple service types - service types working, states ignored:[service_type][in_array]=financial-matters%2Cknowing-my-rights&filter_query[states][in_array]=nsw%2Cnt&is_startpage=false&page=1&per_page=15&sort_by=name%3Aasc&starts_with=service-providers%2F&token=vlj2rvPX6fPHPGF7vVVflAtt&version=published

Hello @adam_grade !

We’ll take a look at your find and come back to you after analyzing the case.

Best regards

Thanks @Hannes.

If it helps, we’ve had to launch the site with it like this already, so the issue can be seen in browser also at pages such as … may give some context to what we are trying to do.